AND ONE MORE THING . . . about wallpaper


 The photo shows a dramatic, glamorous room done in black “leather” squares. It’s wallpaper.

It’s fantastic.  

 I have taken quite a bit of heat recently about even suggesting the use of wallpaper. Well, sometimes I don’t mind a little heat! But I find myself asking,”What happened to the idea that creative people are open-minded?!” I just can’t help myself about being unduly enamored with wallpaper. Okay?! that’s it  – that is the closest thing to an apology you will hear from me. I am not giving up on these artistic papers. Nor should you. Honest to blog.


What else?

 Is there any viewer-interest in a few blogs on color?

Or recent market trends? High Point markets open next week!

 What are you thinking?

Spring (if indeed, it really does arrive) decorating tips?

Send me a comment!

Alright, I’ll even accept a few more wallpaper insults!


Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s Interiors




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