Brian Ray Photo


Hello everybody! Wow – what a week.


 While eyes from all over the country were following our weather pattern and devastation via the news, I got caught up on viewing the story through photographs. The reason for that is because I left town Thursday afternoon. I got outta Dodge.

My week away from Cedar Rapids was , in fact, planned and on the schedule. I have a nephew moving from St. Louis to Austin.  So my sister and I had planned a road trip in her packed, stuffed-to-the max car to get some of his belongings to Texas.

Then the rains began. I got out before 380 was closed. We had great weather on the road, but visually, I was out of contact with Cedar Rapids. People from all over the country were calling my cell phone and checking in on Cedar Rapids and my family. To all of you – thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

 I selected this photo taken in Coralville for the beauty found in chaos and crisis. The juxtaposition of beauty and nightmare are captured perfectly – and that’s how the week played out for many Iowans. They stood shoulder to shoulder and helped each other through it – and are working still.

 All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s Interiors



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