mmmmm – yummy!

Doesn’t it look like somebody ran a muck with the Ghiradelli hot fudge?!

Here sits a work of art that looks good enough to eat. A smarter move, of course,  would be to plug it in. Turn it on,  then stand back. Gently fold your arms, tilt your head to one side, and just admire it.

Maybe it should be called a GLAM(P)!


Did I just make up a new word?

 Without a doubt this lamp belongs in the Glam category.

      A little naughty. A little nice. Definitively premium.            


 Even lamp shades have taken the next step to “up grade” their jewelry! It’s not just fringe anymore – Recently, lighting companies have introduced lamp shades studded with crystals or the shade itself is curvaceous –  mimicking “the little black dress”. Any way you look at it, the unmistakable beauty and the sparkle of GLAMPS is not to be denied.


Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s Interiors