serious METALLIC EMBELLISHMENTS – ceramic tile

           Let’s see – where were we before Valentine’s Day interrupted our mental design flow?


 Oh yes – ( now we have put that to rest! ) we were exploring options in the world of tile: ceramic tile, stone, granite, limestone,  porecelain,  glass, metal,etc. Today I want to give you one more serious idea.

 Do you want to have some fun with a tile project?


Think metal.

Think seriously fun!

 Use metal tiles over a large expanse of walls or pare it down to the backsplash, or use it more sparingly as an appreciated piece of fine art. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Scroll down and see  actual products available as embellishment pieces. When these items are decided upon, quite often the design idea behind it is to repeat other metal objects in the room. . . stainless steel appliances, perhaps, or maybe an oiled bronze chandelier. Go wherever your imagination leads you. 

But, pay attention here: USE CAUTION when embellishing. The metal accents are serious pieces to add. 

If you walk into a kitchen and the backsplash screams,


then you have made a mistake. You want to add an ornamental element inside your scheme. Balance, balance, balance, is always the goal. You wouldn’t wear ALL your jewelry at one time, would you? Same, same. Observe the power in these accent pieces.




 The bathroom below is staged in the simplest of fashion. The metallic tile is crisp  and unfettered. The look is uptown, yet prudent , and completely wild with style!


 It is just one more way to use metallic tile. And notice there is no overkill in the design. Because the metal tile packs such a visual punch it is capable of holding its own and holding your attention.

No fou-fou required.


Stop in the store to see more seriously fun metallic tile!

FYI: In Hiawatha you can see many of these embellishments installed on  the display floor of WOODHARBOR DESIGN SHOWROOM,

located at  1737 Boyson Road.

Be sure to mention that you read about it here !



Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelan’s Interiors


MY FUNNY (interior design)VALENTINE


 Today’s blog is simply about putting a smile on my (your?) face.

These playful images and ideas are oozing with creativity. With their lightheartedness, I think they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


 These lips come to us from a U.K. company called Check it out!




 The smashing implementation of detail in this photo knocked me out. Other equally outrageous photos like this can be seen at or click on Both are inspirational.



 Can’t help myself with this photo – I LOVE cake!

And it made me smile. Interestingly, the woman who made it is named “Valentine”, Diann Valentine.  More of her lavish creations can be seen at Yummm.



My last valentine image for the day is just plain silly and I hope it makes you giggle! It is a vintage valentine card for sale on eBay.


So, there you have it –  some whimsical, don’t take life too seriously, design ideas for Valentine’s day!

Enjoy the romantic weekend with those you love.


If you can’t think of anyone to share it with,  then uh, uh – then paint your bathroom red and consider taking a communications class.




Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelan’s Interiors