MY FUNNY (interior design)VALENTINE


 Today’s blog is simply about putting a smile on my (your?) face.

These playful images and ideas are oozing with creativity. With their lightheartedness, I think they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


 These lips come to us from a U.K. company called Check it out!




 The smashing implementation of detail in this photo knocked me out. Other equally outrageous photos like this can be seen at or click on Both are inspirational.



 Can’t help myself with this photo – I LOVE cake!

And it made me smile. Interestingly, the woman who made it is named “Valentine”, Diann Valentine.  More of her lavish creations can be seen at Yummm.



My last valentine image for the day is just plain silly and I hope it makes you giggle! It is a vintage valentine card for sale on eBay.


So, there you have it –  some whimsical, don’t take life too seriously, design ideas for Valentine’s day!

Enjoy the romantic weekend with those you love.


If you can’t think of anyone to share it with,  then uh, uh – then paint your bathroom red and consider taking a communications class.




Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelan’s Interiors



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