Tiaras, Crown Jewels and THE wedding!

 To my readers – this is a first for me – I am asking you to read someone else’s blog. The name of it is:
 “This is glamorous”
Timing is everything and today she posted the most interesting research on historical royal tiaras. Her photo selections are equally as stunning.
As the wedding countdown mania begins, educate yourselves with her          glittery documentary! 
‎* and finally, the longest it has ever taken [in {this is glamorous} history!], to compose a post . . . http://bit.ly/i2z4mD

If this doesn’t get you there, please go to {this is glamorous}



Thanks for asking.

I am taking the day off, staying in my pajamas, donning my favorite rhinestone tiara, and snuggling into my bed with cup (quart) of coffee, all the while enjoying the pageantry on T.V.


I love a parade!


 Make your weekend sparkle – where ever you are!

Kiss someone on both cheeks!

Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelan’s Interiors



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