It’s a Wrap! SIMPLE Christmas packages

Because I believe the Christmas box or package should rival what’s actually inside, many of my friends and readers ask me for help concerning how to wrap glorious gifts during this, the most gift giving time of year.

First:  consider the decor and colors in your room.  Match it up.


country living photos


Second: And then – Always use white. . . . somewhere.


What could be more beautiful or simple than an all white presentation?


                                                                                                                            Delish photo

This is SO simple you don’t even need paper!

Using white gift boxes make this type of package the easiest to wrap.         Use white satin ribbon or color coordinated ribbons, add an ornament for embellishment and you have an impressive designer look in under three minutes!


camberly photo

This designer of these packages did use white paper instead of white boxes but she kept it casual and simple by using white yarn instead of ribbon. You could also use string before adding some artificial flowers and fruits. In my yard I have evergreen trees, so I simply cut a few sprigs and tie them onto white packages.  Easy!


Third: Use white!

If you have young children and want a more fun type of simple  look,

  go for the white boxes or white paper again!

good housekeeping photo

Let the kids stamp alphabet letters or family initials onto the paper.

This is quality time and your opportunity to teach them how to wrap pretty gifts! If this project ends up with messy letters who cares?! 

 Children love simple holiday projects.

If the idea of ink and children scares you, then buy some fanciful stickers and let them go at it. Nothing gets more simple than that!


One more festive presentation that children of all ages love is done with something very simple, inexpensive, and available everywhere:

Candy Canes!

little loveables photo


Fourth: Use more white boxes!


                                                                                                             soapbox photo

I think I’ve blah, blah blogged long enough on this subject! Can you tell I love it? Maybe I should offer a gift wrap class.

 You bring the eggnog and I’ll bring the scissors! ooops. I meant to say I’ll bring the white boxes!!


Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelans Interiors


Personalized CHRISTMAS Wrap – Practically Free


xmas-wrap42 Dianne Ross photo


December brings out the very best in designers. . . because December is all about the beauty of Christmas decorating.

When you think about it, December is the only time of the year when we create things and celebrate things simply for being beautiful! I love everything about Christmas – the snazzy holiday snacks, the fancy full course meals, decorated cookies galore, illuminated trees with ornaments aglow, pretty packages, presents,  fireplace mantles, scented candles, sticky candy canes, glitter, sacred music, creches, holiness, and materialism. I love it all!  And I’m not alone.

It was hard for me to determine which topic to write about this month because obviously, it’s difficult to whittle it down to ONE single topic. So, for today I’ve selected to share a gift wrapping technique that turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser with my family. I hope you use this info as inspiration for your own personalized packages this year.

 Start with a favorite personal snapshot. Turn it into a black and white shot using photoshop or whatever editing device you have. I prefer tight head shots without a lot of fussiness in the background. . . but pick what you like! Print the photos on plain computer paper – any size you like. You can then cut them out and using double faced sticky tape, adhere them to a plain white gift box. These boxes are free at most department stores when you make a purchase. Otherwise they can be purchased (for less than most wrapping papers) at discount stores.

I used black ribbon to “frame” a couple of these photos on larger boxes. I also used leopard print wrapping paper to mingle with the black and white packages. Aqua was my accent color, but any bold color works beautifully! Use your imagination and your photos. Your Christmas guests will be very honored, not to mention impressed!

If brown tones are more to your liking, try doing the photos in sepia instead of black and white. The whole idea is to have some fun making your personalized packages for those near and dear to your heart!

If you want more information give me a call at the store and I’d be delighted to help.

After the gifts were passed out we put my youngest grandchild under the tree. Why? Because he matched the decor! OK – what? You know I have “the design sickness!” Scroll to the bottom to see him.



Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelan’s Interiors