Fresh Spring FLOWERS in fabric!

Spring is here! Spring is here!






Well, if you live in Iowa and think 40 degrees, without a trace of sunshine is spring, you’d be right on the money.  Hey, at least it’s April!






Everybody is SO ready for some spectacular spring weather with flowers blooming all around, so today here is a pick-me-up until our flowers really do unfold.


The fabrics are from Villa Romo and the wallpapers are from Harlequin.













Mmmmm – You can almost  smell the lilacs.


Dianne Ross

Interior Designer/Phelans Interiors



              CRAZY OUTSTANDING!


The photo of the week is pure inspiration! Hollywood Glam uses design elements borrowed from everybody! You know what I’m bloggin about –  like the stars borrow jewelry! I chose this grouping because it illustrates perfectly everything we have been talking about for the last two weeks. We see the flamboyant bombe chest done in silver leaf with those dainty little French legs. Pure GLITZ! Bold black and white graphic roses on the wallpaper couldn’t be more fun. Unadulterated GLAM! Add a chandelier and you have BLING in furniture!

Just study this picture and let your design thoughts soar. Next week I will define Hollywood Regency, which is a bit more upscale and contained, but you will see the outrageous fantasy of of all those who partake in this period. 


Here’s to the long holiday weekend! Rearrange your furniture or hang a chandelier!



Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s interiors


AND ONE MORE THING . . . about wallpaper


 The photo shows a dramatic, glamorous room done in black “leather” squares. It’s wallpaper.

It’s fantastic.  

 I have taken quite a bit of heat recently about even suggesting the use of wallpaper. Well, sometimes I don’t mind a little heat! But I find myself asking,”What happened to the idea that creative people are open-minded?!” I just can’t help myself about being unduly enamored with wallpaper. Okay?! that’s it  – that is the closest thing to an apology you will hear from me. I am not giving up on these artistic papers. Nor should you. Honest to blog.


What else?

 Is there any viewer-interest in a few blogs on color?

Or recent market trends? High Point markets open next week!

 What are you thinking?

Spring (if indeed, it really does arrive) decorating tips?

Send me a comment!

Alright, I’ll even accept a few more wallpaper insults!


Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s Interiors



Border Patrol

                         WHAT’S UP WITH WALLPAPER?


                                                     TEAR IT DOWN

  Wallpaper trends, like all trends, come and go. From the 1980’s through the 1990’s wallpaper reached its heyday. A house wasn’t a home without the sweetest matching wallpaper borders.  

Recently a friend of mine purchased a home. During the house search, she and her husband sometimes took bets, before entering, on what the borders might look like inside. They even had a name for this little exercise:

                                  Border Patrol!

If you have masses of darling posies on your walls or swooping and drooping in borders, they need to go away. Far, far away. That look takes us back 15 to 25 years. It was before Trading Places, before Divine Design . . .  Before HGTV!

Back then we were just crazy for little flowers, big flowers, fruit of any kind (especially grapes), plaids with stripes, and ribbons and bows. Nobody, it seemed could have too much ivy.  The best would be to use all of them – preferably in one room – as correlates!

Well, I don’t think we need to brow beat ourselves too much because it was a beginning of sorts. Granted, in the 50’s a number of people had stagecoaches on their wallpaper or even oval sputnik looking things. But wallpaper didn’t become a huge craze until early in the 80’s.  

We were just beginning to seriously experiment with pattern, color and texture. We went crazy for pattern! We were having fun. Hey, I hate to admit it but I had a very fruit-covered wallpaper in the kitchen with – you guessed it – grape border. And I loved it! Times change.

Today wall coverings are a quieter version of pattern and texture. Much of it is done with paint; however there are some fantastic new wallpapers out there. Don’t overlook them!

More about that next time –

Dianne Ross / Interior Designer

Phelan’s Interior’s