About Me

The World’s smallest Autobiography



A chronological list of 20 events leading up to this BLOG

  1. Twinkle in my father’s eyes
  2. Born into this world as a daughter
  3. Sister to three others
  4. Laughs too LOUD, without a trace of singing skills
  5. Student
  6. Flight attendant and traveler
  7. Wife (hence the name Dianne ROSS)
  8. Mediocre Cook
  9. Outstanding Table Setter
  10. Mother of Two
  12. Beginning of COLOR obsession
  13. Garden Designer
  14. Stained glass window maker
  15. Bedding Aficionado
  16. Struggling Photographer
  17. Charm school Flunk-out
  18. Bibliophile
  19. Devoted Gram
  20. And, traveling still. . . blah, blah, BLOG!

So, this BLOG is an open invitation for you to use me as a resource for your design dilemmas, triumphs and tragedies, novel ideas, or inspired comments.


     To quote some lyrics from a Diana Ross song,

             “Set me free, why don’t cha babe.”

Dianne Ross

24 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Linda Says:

    As one of your Royal Subjects, I think these blogs are GREAT!!! As a member of the community and a consumer I also think these Blogs are GREAT!! What a wonderful way for design challenged consumers to get their questions answered…not only that, but by one of the BEST designers around!

  2. dross08 Says:

    Many thanks for the generous words! You know I love Sweet Talk!

  3. Luida Says:

    I love keeping up with the Ever- Changing and Exciting world of design! This is a great site… keep it up! At the moment, I’m very interested in the colors of stained wood floors… tell me more!!!!

  4. Kathy Says:

    What fun! The blog is so you and anyone who has the “sickness” will enjoy your professional insight. Yesterday, I gave in to one of your design suggestions and love it. I just hope I don’t trip over the bookcase on my way to coffee in the morning!

  5. Dotty McKinney Says:

    We just built a 3700 square foot house with wood floors except bathrooms. Will curtains and draperies be enough to get rid of the echo everytime we talk? We need suggestions on how to get rid of the echo if it is possible. The furniture is in but the echo stayed.
    I enjoy your website and reading the blogs. It is so you!!!

  6. Rose Marie Beiler Says:

    Hi Dianne,

    I am a design student attending Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. A Chandelier that you have featured in your blog would fit perfectly into a boutique hotel design I am doing. I was wondering if I could get anymore information on it? Thanks for your time! Its the chandelier you blogged about in August ’08 thats a modern take of the crystal chandelier…

  7. print shower curtain Says:

    HAHA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  8. Laura Says:

    How do I get that French inspired Zebra chest? I need it!!!!

  9. dross08 Says:

    Do you live here in Cedar Rapids? Expressions Salon

  10. Kathy Byrne Says:

    Yes, I live in Cedar Rapids and have been to almost every hair salon in town. Thanks for sharing yours! My husband and I bought a chair from you many years ago when you were at Kenwood House. You had a great haircut then too. Thanks again–I will give Expressions a try. Kathy

    • dross08 Says:

      ask for DeAnn!!!!

    • dross08 Says:

      Hey Kathy!
      Now the next thing I want, is for you to come to the store after your haircut for show and tell! Have fun and I look forward to seeing you! Small world isn’t it? – It’s been a wonderful experience when “old” Kenwood House clients contact me! Good luck with your hair cut and thank you for all the compliments!

  11. Kathy Byrne Says:

    I will be happy to stop by Phelan’s–I am scheduled for my haircut in January. Happy New Year!

  12. Bill Luxford Says:

    Neat Blog but the Autobiography was a bit brief…. So, take this from another Diana Ross song called,”All Of My Life”:
    “All of your life to share
    Is all I’m asking.
    All of the minutes and years,
    All of your happiness,
    And sometimes all your tears.”

    After all…. it is a blog! I like your blog… great idea.

  13. Sarah Van Arsdale Says:

    Hello Dianne,

    I’m writing an article on using blue and green tile for Designer Monthly Magazine, which is produced by the Sheffield School in NYC. Would we be able to use your photo of bathroom tiled in blue, which I found on your blog?

    Sarah Van Arsdale

    • dross08 Says:

      Absolutely – I belive it came from the Dal Tile website. Also look at oceanside glass – it is so fabulous it wil make you cry!

  14. Florian Says:

    Hi Dianne Ross,

    is there any chance to buy theese fabolous fish flops?


    • dross08 Says:

      Florian ,

      Thanks for the note, however that particular is about 3 years old and I don’t remember where I found that photo. Why not try to google fish-flip-flops? I agree with you – they are hysterical!


  15. Kristen Crosby Says:

    Hi Dianne!

    I really like your blog! It is very inspirational and fun to read!

    My name is Kristen Crosby and I’m with Design Shuffle. I was wondering if you could possibly email me at kristen.c@designshuffle.com

    I would like to discuss a guest post opportunity.

    Thanks Dianne and I look forward to hearing from you!

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